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Bull Breed Coalition Registry™

Bull Breed Coalition Registry is an organization founded to provide a network of support, education and documentation of Bully Breeds.  More...




BBCR Announcements


We are happy to announce that the Bull Breed Coalition Registry (BBCR) office is moving to a new office suite in the sunny Tampa Florida area. Due to our recent and anticipated future growth, the new office will provide easier access to more registrants. These changes will make it possible for us to serve you more efficiently.


We would like to take this opportunity to express our deep appreciation for our current and future registrants. We have moved to a new location to serve you better. Please find our new contact info below:

PHONE: (813) 388-2905
FAX: (813) 803-7381
EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Director of American Bullies Marco Suarez


BBCR Marco Suarez Press Release



Shortybulls Spread Worldwide


The world belongs to the Shortybulls...  Throughout the coming year the BBCR will be tracking Shortybulls around the world.  Introducing you to the people and countries the Shortybull has infected with their seemingly addictive following. Interviews...

Worldwide Interviews

Italy  Hawaii  Canada  Guam

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Clubs or kennel owners interested in hosting a BBCR event please refer to the Events Page, where you can find the necessary details, forms and applications to put on a sanctioned event in your area.

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